The Student Business Association (SBA) Held a Leadership Enrichment for 1st Semester International Business Administration Students

The Student Business Association (SBA) Held a Leadership Enrichment for 1st Semester International Business Administration Students

On October 24th and 25th, 2015, The Student Business Association (SBA) held a leadership enrichment for 1st semester International Business Administration students. It was held in Kampung Talos, Desa Sindanglaya, Anyer. The event’s purpose was to make the 1st semester students know each other better, develop teamwork and leadership training, and also to make the SBA members closer to the 1st semester students.


The group gathered at SGU at 6.30 am, and they departed at 7.30 am to Anyer. They arrived safely at Anyar at 10.00 am. It took longer than the expected arrival plan because of a traffic jam due to some construction. After they arrived in the villa, they had lunch and a rest after the long road trip. At the location, the participants were divided into groups with members from both classes. After that, each group had to cooperate to put up tents that were provided by the committee. After building their tents, they had a lunch break. The participants gathered to join a team-building game. The first game was called one truth, three lies. The idea of the game was to make each participants know each other better. This was followed by other games that requires teamwork, good communication, planning, and cooperation between group’s members.

After participating in the games, the participants had a free-time break. Most of the free time was spent on bonding talk between 1st semester students and 5th semester students while having dinner. After the dinner, Mr. Rachman Sjarief, our Head of Department, gave the participant a seminar about leadership, which was followed by a Q&A session. The participants were excited with the seminar and asked a lot of questions.

They then had a bonfire session after the seminar from Mr. Rachman Sjarief. During the bonfire session, SBA members consulted with the first semester students about problems, and also helped the first semester students to bond with each other better. After the bonfire, they had a barbeque session which was joined by all the participants. During the session, the 5th semester students shared their experiences of campus life and their internships. After the barbeque, the participants went to sleep.

The next morning, participants gathered to join mini games called charade and blindfold. To win the game, once again, the participants had to work in groups and communicate better with their teammates. After the games ended, the participants went to the villa for breakfast and did a ‘kerja bakti’ to clean the whole villa and pack their belonging. At 13.00 after lunch break, the participants and the committee returned to SGU and arrived at 17.00.