Business and Management: Must have skill to become Global Business Leader!

Business and Management: Must have skill to become Global Business Leader!

If you are interested in preparing for a career in business and wish for education in an excellent environment, you have found it. The Business and Management study program at SGU is designed for students aspiring to be future business leaders and managers with strong analytical and practical skills. It will make students work competently in any environment, including a multicultural one.

The Business Management Study Program offers three concentrations: Digital Marketing, Finance, and Business Analytic, Innovative Entrepreneurship. Each of these concentrations supplies the necessary knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to assist in effective and successful management.

The students are also enriched with the International Certification, Entrepreneurship Development Program as well as an International Computer-Based program. It will enable students to succeed in the constantly changing and highly competitive business environment globally.

In semester 1 and 2, students will gain fundamental knowledge of business, finance, and entrepreneurship. Some subjects under the entrepreneurship platform are creative thinking, professional development, business development, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship venture.

From semester 4 to semester 8, students have two option concentration :

1. International Business and Marketing

Students will gain a deeper understanding of international business and a broad view of marketing by absorbing subjects, such as product & brand management, consumer behavior, strategic marketing, customer relationship management, and strategic management.

2. The Banking & Finance

Students gain a deeper knowledge of finance and banking, such as to cooperate finance, international finance, banking theory and practices, financial statement analysis, asset-liability management.

The Business and Management Program Study is focused on Practical Professional Development to have a strong emphasis on the practical application through case studies, projects entrepreneurship, and problem-solving. We also supply the students with powerful analysis tools by utilizing sophisticated business simulation software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Besides the valuable activities above, during their study, the students gain added value through an international certification program on finance and business collaborating with a reputable institution. The other global opportunity offered is through delivering an E-Net Seminar among other European Institutions, an Annual International Workshop, and the International Summer School with partner universities in Germany.

Business Management graduates have the chance to have their own business as an entrepreneur or work at a managerial level in a multinational company, both in the manufacturing and the service sectors. Some other prospective careers include Brand Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Public Relations Manager, Export/Import Manager, and Finance Manager.

SGU Business & Management at SGU offers three concentrations:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance & Business Analytics
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship

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