ExConic Fest 2024 February Edition: Nurturing Talent, Empowering Futures

ExConic Fest 2024 February Edition: Nurturing Talent, Empowering Futures

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, the ExConic Fest at SGU. It’s a significant milestone in its journey of fostering community engagement and showcasing academic excellence. The event organized by Dirmarcomm, unfolded with vibrant activities and discussions to celebrate achievements, foster connections, and promote personal and professional growth among participants.

Dr. Nila Krisnawati Hidayat,SE.,MM, set the tone for the day with a warm and inspiring welcome speech, emphasizing the importance of community, learning, and growth within the SGU family. Following this, the stage came alive with the performance of a Pembangunan Jaya Senior High School band, infusing the atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm.

A focal point of the event was a special interactive workshop led by Nur Malika Maghfirah, an esteemed alumna of the Global Strategic Communication program from the class of 2018. The workshop delved into the public relations role, shedding light on the pivotal role SGU played in nurturing Malika’s personal and professional journey. Moderated by Moch, Riyadh Rizky Adam, S.T., M.S.M., the discussion provided valuable insights into the evolving communication landscape and educational experiences’ transformative impact.

Throughout the day, the attendees were treated to many enriching experiences. From exploring the innovation corner to immersing themselves in showcases of diversity and multiculturalism, from engaging with project-based learning initiatives to gaining glimpses into the vibrant campus life, participants were afforded numerous avenues for discovery and inspiration. Moreover, the event offered personalized growth opportunities through consultation sessions with lifelong coaches, empowering individuals to chart their paths toward excellence and fulfillment.

This innovative event underscores SGU’s unwavering commitment to providing a superior, globally-oriented educational experience that prioritizes the positive character transformation of its students.

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