Mechatronics Day 2016 – Arduino Workshop

Mechatronics Day 2016 – Arduino Workshop

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Swiss German University conducted the opening event of Mechatronics Day on 12th March 2016. The goal of this event is to increase people’s understanding of Mechatronics. The event, which was organized by our Faculty of Engineering and IT was a workshop about Arduino Microcontrollers. This workshop’s aim is to teach students the basics of Arduino. The participants varied from junior high school to senior high school students. There were 5 groups, with a total of 27 students.



The Workshop was opened by the Dean of the Engineering and IT Faculty, Dr. Ir. Gembong Baskoro, who delivered a warm welcome speech, which motivated the participants. In the main session, the workshop was led by Yogi Hamdani, an alumni of SGU, who appreciates the world of microcontrollers, and the more familiar Arduino. All participants were given the chance to try to program the Arduino, and were enthusiastic to learn about its applications. In the last session of the event, the students were challenged to build a sensor resembling a parking sensor of a car using a distance sensor connected to a buzzer. In this challenge, they were helped by mentors from semester 4 and 8 Mechatronics.

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At the end of the workshop, the group from SMAK 5 Penabur finished first and were declared the winners of the challenge. The next step of this workshop is the implementation of Arduino in Robotics – a competition which will be held by Mechatronics Engineering SGU in May 2016. Be ready participants! Are you up to the challenge?