Edward Boris P. Manurung, M.Eng

Edward Boris P. Manurung, M.Eng

Lecturer of Mechatronic



I love teaching as much as I love eating good meals.


SWISS GERMAN UNIVERSITY (SGU) Vice Rector for Non-Academic Affairs;
Oct 2010 – Sept 2018 Serpong, Tangerang Selatan – Indonesia

Roles: Managing Directorate of Facility Managenent, Finance Department, Directorate of Marketing Communication, Directorate of Human Resources and General Affairs, Information System Support Department, Students Affair, Alumni and Career Center.

Duties & Achievements:

  • developed new annual budgeting system and closely observes the budget process to make sure smooth, effective and relevant implementations
  • developed a salary grading, performance evaluation KPI-based system and other HRD standard procedures.
  • developed an online web attendance system for lecturing activities
  • set rules and regulations for all facility management related matters
  • perform duties related to everything from marketing the university and recruiting new students to hiring faculty members
  • focus on strategic planning and goal-setting, and direct the operations of the company in support of its goals.
  • responsible for the combined functions of administrative and financial affairs and the system
  • responsible for overseeing the establishment and oversight of sound systems of accounting, financial operations and reporting, budgetary reporting and control, human resources management, logistical services, information technology and communications, and facilities planning and management


SWISS GERMAN UNIVERSITY (SGU) Head of Quality Assurance;
March 2010 – May 2011 Serpong, Tangerang Selatan – Indonesia

Roles: Assures consistent quality of academic and supporting operations and systems by developing and enforcing Quality Management System in compliance to ISO, government educational regulation and accreditation standards.


  • Accomplishes quality assurance in academic operations, such as lecturing and student assessment, feedback and process.
  • Achieves quality assurance operational objectives by contributing information and analysis to strategic plans and reviews; preparing and completing action plans; implementing production, productivity, quality, and student-service standards; identifying and resolving problems; completing audits; determining system improvements; implementing change.
  • Updates job knowledge by studying trends in and developments in quality management; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.


August 2006 – May 2011 Serpong, Tangerang Selatan – Indonesia

Roles: Implementation of Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2000; to assist all members of the University’s management in the effective discharge of their responsibilities, by furnishing them with analyses, recommendations and pertinent comments concerning the activities reviewed.


  • Ascertaining the extent of compliance with established policies, plans and procedures.
  • Conduct internal audit regularly within the university.
  • Appraising the quality of performance within the University’s business activities.


SWISS GERMAN UNIVERSITY (SGU) Certified Lecturer (Sertifikasi Dosen Nasional) by Indonesian Ministry of Education August 2004 – present Serpong, Tangerang Selatan – Indonesia

Roles: Lecturer on Control Engineering, Instrumentation & Measurements, Electric Drive, Discrete Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Engineering Statistics.


BINA BANGSA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Teachers & Counsellor July 2003 – November 2004

Roles: High School Teachers in Mathematics and Physics; Student Counselor Jakarta – Indonesia


  • Teaching on Mathematics and Physics.
  • The school counselor consults with students, parents, teachers, and other school and community personnel to assist in meeting the needs of students.
  • The school counselor coordinates all counseling services for students and assists with the coordination and implementation of student services in the school.
  • Coordinate and in charge of Students’ Christian fellowship.


NTI COLLEGE Part Time Lecturer; August 2001 – December 2004 Jakarta – Indonesia

Roles: Teaching college subjects on Mathematics, Statistics, Quantitative Methods.


INDONESIAN AGENCY FOR ASSESSMENT & APPLICATION OF TECHNOLOGY (BPPT) Head of department of Information and Electrical Engineering, January 2001 – August 2003 Jakarta – Indonesia

Roles: Group leader


  • Preparing a Project Proposal Budget to be summited to the Government for approval
  • Project monitoring and report.


INDONESIAN AGENCY FOR ASSESSMENT & APPLICATION OF TECHNOLOGY (BPPT) Control Engineer/Researcher, September 1997 – June 1999 Jakarta – Indonesia

Roles: Researcher

Duties: Carry out experiment, analysis as well establishment of reports as results of research activities.


BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS BNFL Software Support Engineer September 1995 – August 1996 Salford, Greater Manchester – England

Roles: Designing PLC simulation for the project of Waste Treatment Complex within a nuclear plant.


  • Liaised with the Client’s Test Team to execute tests while building a system and an application of level of understanding of large system.
  • Develop system simulation that resemble the narrow aisle stacker movement to test the established waste treatment system program.
  • Carry out tests and experiments on all waste trestment complex instrumentations, sensors and automation aspects

Education Background

  • HARVEST INTERNATIONAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY (HITS), Tangerang, Indonesia Doctor (Candidate) in Leadership Theology, DTh
  • UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY, Sydney, Australia Master Degree, M.Eng. in Control Engineering, 2000
  • UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD, Sheffield, England Bachelor Degree, B.Eng. in Control Engineering,1997 Department of Automatic Control and System Engineering (ACSE)
  • TRESHAM COLLEGE, Kettering Northamptonshire, England A-Level, 1992 – English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer

Knowledge Field

  • Teaching & Training – Class & Laboratory Activities | School & University Subjects, Leadership & Management, Philosophy &b Theology, Marriage & Parenting, Singing, Music & Worship Leading | Research Management.
  • Management & Leadership – Strategic Planning & Goal Setting | Budgeting & Cost Control | KPI Design & Implementation | Quality Management: Control & Assurance | Statute & Regulation Development, Implementation, Control | Project Management | Vendor Management.
  • People & Employee Development – Counselling & Consultation | Quality & Productivity Development | Career Path Settings.
  • Networking – Public Speaking | Communication & Collaboration | Social Skills & Care | Interpersonal Skills.
  • Soft Skills – Critical Thinking | Detail Oriented | Decision Making | Troubleshooting | Problem Solving.

Research Interest:

  • Control System Engineering
  • Leadership & Management
  • Fuzzy Logic & Neural Network

Teaching Area:

  •  Control System Engineering
  • Electric Motors
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Sensors & Instrumentation
  • Statistics


  • INOVASI PERGURUAN TINGGI RAHARJA DALAM ERA DISRUPTIF MENGGUNAKAN METODOLOGI iLEARNING (Raharja University Inovation in Disruptive Era by Implementing iLearning Methodology) (2019) Jurnal Ilmiah Teknologi Informasi Asia 13 (1), 23-34 By U Rahardja, N Lutfiani, AD Lestari, Edward B P Manurung (Click here)
  • OPTIMIZATION OF PROPOSAL MANAGEMENT ARRANGEMENTS AS LEARNING TOOLS IN SCIENTIFIC REASEARCH ACTIVITIES. (2018) Aptisi Transactions On Management 2 (1), 55-62 By R Harjanto, Edward B P Manurung, AD Lestari (Click here)
  • MAGIC UNIT CHECKS FOR PHYSICS AND EXTENDED FIELD THEORY BASED ON INTERDISCIPLINARY ELECTRODYNAMICS WITH APPLICATIONS IN MECHATRONICS AND AUTOMATION. (2011) Journal International, Product and Services; From R&D to Final Solution, SCIYO By Prof. Dr. Ing. Wolfram Stanek, Ir. Arko Djajadi PhD, Edward B P Manurung (Click here)
  • BUILDING AND CONTROLLING A BALL AND PLATE SYSTEM (2011) International Conference on Advances in Communication, Network, and Computing Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg By Erikson Ferry Sinaga, Edward Boris Manurung, Vahdat A Chee, Arko Djajadi (Click here)
  • DESIGNING A MAGNETIC LEVITATION SAVONIUS WIND TURBINE WITH AN AXIAL FLUX PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS GENERATOR. (11 Desember 2011) Proceedings, The 10th National Symposium: Engineering Design and Industrial Application, Engineering Faculty – University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta By Stefan Hanafiah, Dipl. Ing Maralo Sinaga, Edward B P Manurung (Click here)
  • LINUX SOLUTIONS FOR AUTOMATED PRODUCTION SYSTEMS: A STATE OF THE ART REVIEW. (July 2006) Proceedings, Power-electronics and Mechatronics Seminar, Indonesian Mechatronic Society. By P. I. Tanaya PhD, Ir. Arko Djajadi PhD, Dipl. Ing M. Sinaga, Edward B P Manurung, Prof. J. Grueneberg URL:
  • ESTABLISHING MECHATRONICS AS A STUDY PROGRAM AT SGU: EXPERIENCES, OBSTACLES, CHALLENGES. (July 2006) Proceedings, Power-electronics and Mechatronics Seminar, Indonesian Mechatronic Society. By Ir. Arko Djajadi PhD, Dipl. Ing M. Sinaga, Edward B P Manurung, P. I. Tanaya PhD, Prof. J. Grueneberg (Click here)

Professional Certifications:

  • CERTIFIED GOOGLE EDUCATOR Google Workspace (Suite) For Education (until August 2024)
  • CERTIFIED TRAINER SIEMENS Mechatronics System Certication Program (SMSCP) – 2019
  • CERTIFIED LECTURER Indonesia Ministry of Education – 2012


  • 2017 – present Vice Chairman of Banten Private University Association, Banten, Indonesia;
  • 2021 – present Division of Technology & Innovation, National Private University Association, Indonesia;
  • 2012 – 2017 Head of Cooperation, Banten Private University Association, Banten, Indonesia;
  • 2011 – present Member of Banten Private University Association, Banten, Indonesia;
  • 2006 – Present Member & Caretaker of Indonesian Mechatronic Society;


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