Event Activity

Student Organization Programs

Board of Executives:

1. Sports Internal League (Even and Odd Semester)

SGU Internal League is a semesterly program which provides a platform for SGU students to participate and compete against each other in various different sports. The sole purpose of this program is to enhance the communication, teamwork and bond between students from

different semesters and faculties as we believe communication and respect strengthens our bonds and in turn shall create unity. Some of the sports (and E-sport as well) that have been competed in the Internal League are: Futsal, Table Tennis, FIFA, Basketball, and Tekken.

Date: around April/May for Even Semester; and October for Odd Semester

2. UKM Management (Sport, Art, Education)

We provide assistance to manage and facilitate all sports, art, and education-related student activities in Swiss German University through helping them to fill out the annual funding data report, attendance, as well as their yearly activities.

3. SGU Night

SGU Night 2019 is a yearly get-together event as a way to give students and staffs a break

from their daily routines and interact in an exciting environment. Through this event, we would like to provide a platform for art-related student activities to express their creativity

through performances and give appreciation for students and staffs of different faculties or departments who has brought forth achievements in the name of SGU. SGU Night is the climax for the SGU Internal League and other competitions held by BEM, where we announce the winners of the previously mentioned competitions and also to close the events. Here we have performances, food, game, and photo booths, all from SGU and for SGU.

Date: end of the odd semester academic schedule (around May)

4. Music Corner

Music Corner is one of our semi-annual semester events in which anyone in Swiss German University (students, lectures, and staff) can participate in. Our objective is to showcase the talents of SGU people by giving them the chance to perform on stage. Surely, we invite our UKMs to jazz up our event, such as the choir, modern dance, traditional dance, and angklung clubs.

Date: around Mid-Semester

5. Halloween Night

Halloween Night is a yearly collaboration event between BEM Art and SGU Event. There will be food and drink booths, Halloween game booths, a photo competition, and a costume competition. All SGU students are invited as this is an internal event.

Date: around October

6. Orientation Week

The Student Organization as well as SGU has been collaborating to moderate the Orientation Week for the new students over the years to welcome and introduce them to their new campus environment. We hope to be able to make them feel comfortable in an integrated campus environment by providing all the necessities to ease their transition process. During this event, they will be introduced to SGU by the staff and the members of the Student Organizations. In addition, they will be divided into groups to complete various tasks together in order to encourage their teamwork and problem-solving skills while getting acquainted with one another to strengthen their sense of belonging and campus spirit.

Date: August

7. Community Service

Community service is our yearly work program which sole purpose is to help develop SGU students’ positive social values as well as help them practice empathy through hands-on experiences. In turn, we hope to create a sense of belonging for the students towards their surroundings by raising awareness regarding the various community services projects. Throughout the years, we have worked with Best Buddies Indonesia, Dhuafa Asida Orphanage, Beth Shalom Nursing Home, and many more.

Date: March/April (for Odd Semester); September/October (for Even Semester)

8. Inauguration Day

The Student Organization Inauguration is a mandatory ceremony for all members of the Board of Executives (BEM), the House of Representatives (MPM), and the newly elected Board of Directors for Himpunan Jurusan Mahasiswa (HMJ) and Student Activity Unit (UKM).

The occasion will officially inaugurate the newly selected members of the Student Organization to their respective divisions through a given working letter and a certificate for completing the series of recruitment process.  Additionally, this will also act as the stepping up ceremony for the new Board of Directors and Head of Divisions for the 2019-2020 period, and the stepping down of the 2018-2019 leaders.

Date: November

9. Students Development Program

Students Development Program is BEM’s latest program which focuses on providing assistance and platform for SGU students to further develop and showcase their talents & skills through various competitions done by other university or by the government. The competitions include, Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi (PILMAPRES), ONMIPA (Olimpiade Nasional Mathematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam), and many more.

*no definite date as it is a progressive program throughout the year.

10. Kaderisasi

Kaderisasi acts as a means of the Student Organization applicants to learn the values needed to be a part of the Student Organization. This program also helps in developing leadership, communication and other skills that we believe are needed to be a great future leader. The program is done through a 3 days 2 nights’ camp where we try to imply & apply Student Organization values, principles, and work ethics in order to fully optimize their eccentric characters and potentials as leaders.

Date: September

11. Weekly Fund Raising

BEM Fundraising sells various snacks and drinks every week in order to raise funds for our programs. Batagor, nasi uduk, macaroni snack, stik balado, are among some to mention out.

Date: Even and Odd Semester

12. Garage Sale

A program where we sell second-hand items such as clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, and other items to the public with a much cheaper price. Garage sale is usually conducted once every semester and the program is usually done at a night market around South Tangerang area.

Date: Even and Odd Semester

13. SGU Merchandise Design Competition + Merchandise Sale

The Merchandise design competition is a new work program by BEM, and is open for all SGU students to express their creativity through art. This year’s categories include designing hoodie and/or baseball jersey and a baseball hat. The winning design will be chosen by the students through a poll, and the design will then be sold during orientation week. Previous merchandises that we’ve sold include stickers, keychains, hoodies, and drawstring bags. This program also aims to develop the sense of identity of the students as SGU students and to help promote SGU to the public.

Date: April/May – Orientation Week

14. Comparative Study

Comparative Study is done as a means of learning from other BEM organizations in other campuses. This way we can gain inspiration and more insights to our role and functionality as a Board of Executives in a university. The better we improve the better we can serve the student body.

*no definite date

15. Blood Donation

Blood Donation is a yearly program by BEM in collaboration with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) or other Organisation Health Institute which purpose is to engage students to help others in need through donating their blood.

*no definite date

16. BEM Gathering & Team Building

Before the end of each year’s working period, the Board of Executives holds a yearly gathering and team building activity in order to acquaint the new members with the existing members. In hopes that through this gathering and team building, the members are able to get to know each other as a team and as a family that will be able to fully support one another as they will be working together for the coming year. Additionally, as the previous year’s members will be stepping down soon, this event will also serve as a farewell to give them appreciation for their hard work throughout their working period.

Date: November

17. Kartini Day & Culture Day

Kartini Day is held to celebrate Kartini Day in April and Culture Day to celebrate our independence day in August. In these events we make a photo booth & host a photo competition. We want all of the students to be able to cherish their memories through photos and strengthen their friendship with others. .

18. BEM Training Programs

BEM Training Programs is a newly developed program aim to share skills and knowledge in order to enhance, encourage, and improve the members to work in a better manner. The training programs that has been done included: BEM Administrative Training; Video, Design, and PR training; Sports Referee and Score Table Training. Hopefully, more types of trainings will be developed in the future.

*no definite date as it is a progressive program throughout the year.

House of Representatives : 

3. Representatives of Students

All members of the House of Representatives will be a representative of students from different study programs. Each member of the House of Representatives will be assigned to different study programs. The representatives will be the bridge between students and Swiss German University. 


2. SO Photoshoot

This is an annual program that is executed by the Couselor Division of the House of Representatives to document the current members as well as the new members of the Student Organization of Swiss German University. The photos that has been taken will then be posted in the Student Organization website or better known as ‘SO Website’. 


1. Weekly Fundraising

This is a weekly activity that is carried out by all members of the House of Representatives to raise funds for our programs. The members sell various foods and snacks and one of our main highlight is Bakso Goreng. 


4. Comparative Study

Comparative Study is done as a means of learning from the House of Representatives of different campuses. This way we can gain inspiration and more insights to our role and functionality as a good representative of students. The better we improve the better we can serve the student the better our campus will be. 


5. MPM Team Building

MPM Team Building is held annually in order to create stronger bonds between the current members and the new members to achieve the maximum work performance of the House of Representatives as well as increasing the teamwork among members.


6. MPM Gathering

MPM Gathering is held annually in conjunction with MPM Team Building is to create stronger bonds between the current members and the new members of the House of Representatives. We will also invite the alumni to share their experience working as a member of the House of Representatives to the juniors. 


7. Faculty Meet

Faculty meet is held every semester to discuss the work programs from each faculty, upcoming events as well as problems encountered during the past semester. This is to enable us to know what to do in the future to prevent problems encountered before from happening again.


8. Photo Competition

Photo competition is a program where students will post a picture on their social media according to the theme given. The picture will then be graded according to their creativity. This is intended to increase student participation.


9. MPM Line

MPM Line is a social media platform for the House of Representatives to interact with the students through social media. This can enable faster communication as students can use their social media anywhere and anytime.


10. MPM Instagram

MPM Instagram is a social media platform for the House of Representatives to post pictures regarding activities such as photo competition. It is also used to post pictures regarding international days, awareness days, etc.


11. BEM Presentation

BEM Presentation is an activity executed by the Counselor division of the House of Representatives and is carried out before and after the event has been conducted by the Board of Executives. The purpose of this activity is to enable the House of Representatives to know about upcoming events.


12. KETETAPAN Making

As the representatives of the students, the House of Representatives are responsible for making regulations or better known as “KETETAPAN” to maintain order, resolving disputes, and protecting liberties and rights of both students and Swiss German University.


UKM Photography

Photo Hunting

Every so often, members of the photography club would gather together to go photo hunting around Jabodetabek area. This activity is done to put their theoretical skills to practice and to learn capturing moments in different environments, whether it be deep in the nature of the hustle and bustle of the city


UKM Bible Fellowship

Christmas Gathering

The bible fellowship Christmas gathering is held annually simply to worship, praise and share the word of God. With different themes every year, the event hopes to spread and share Christmas spirit, joy and blessing to people around campus.

Date: around Christmas time

UKM Sports

Friendly Matches

Every now and then, our sports UKM, most commonly the basketball and futsal club, would be holding a sparring activity against other clubs or universities in order to train our players mentally and physically before joining competitions. Additionally, through this activity, we were also able to create relationships with others through common grounds.

Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan – Life Sciences and Technology Faculty (ACES, BEST, SAFT) 

1. ACES Gathering

Aces gatherings are usually done twice a year. One would be done around September to introduce the new batch hemical engineering students, to welcome back the previous batch who has gone back from Germany and to say our farewells to the departing SEE students for their one-year program to Jena. The second gathering is usually much smaller, where we simply hang out and eat good food whilst enjoying each other’s company.


2. ACES Community Service

Every year, our students are dedicated to spreading and teaching every day activities revolving around chemical engineering. This would normally include going to elementary-middle schools do arts and crafts project such as making pencil cases from recycled products, making hand sanitizers, and so on.

Date: September

3. LST Buka Bersama

The 2019 LST Buka Bersama event is the first one fully planned and executed by the students. Through this event, we gather the whole faculty from lecturers, staffs, and students to come together in hope that we will create a much closer bond with one another.

4. LS Night

LS Night is an annual collaborative event between ACES (Association of Chemical Engineering Students), BEST (Biomedical Engineering Students), and SAFT (Student Association of Food Technology) where we essentially have a good night of get together for all life sciences students, staffs, and lecturers. The purpose of this event is to simply get to know each other from first year students to fourth year students.

Date: September


5. SAFT Gathering

Similarly, to ACES Gatherings, SAFT also holds their gathering twice a year around the same time. One would always be held when the seniors has just landed back from Germany and new students had just come in. The activities include are usually potluck party, fun games, and sharing sessions.



SAFT Makrab is held yearly around early October where SAFT students go away from campus for a few days and have team building and bonding activities together.