Rector’s Office

Dr. Dipl. -Ing. Samuel P. Kusumocahyo – Rector

Dr. Samuel previously held the position of the Dean of Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology and currently taking the role as Rector effective from July 2023. He received his Bachelor and Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University, Germany in 1995. He went on to obtain his Doctoral Degree in Environmental Science and Chemical Engineering from Shizuoka University, Japan in 2001.

Having expertise in Chemical Engineering and Separation and Purification Technology, Dr. Samuel has published over 30 international scientific publications, in which 21 papers are Scopus-indexed publications, 4 granted Japanese patents, and 2 registered Indonesian patents.

He is actively teaching in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology and awarded as ‘Dosen Berprestasi 1 Bidang Ilmu Sains dan Teknologi LLDIKTI IV 2019’.

Leonard Rusli, Ph.D – Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Leo has a passion in teaching in the field of Mechatronics Engineering. Started his academic career at Swiss German University in 2014. For 16 years he has handled Industrial and University collaborations in mechatronics and automation projects. At The Ohio State University, he earned a Bachelor of Science in 2000, a Master of Science in 2003, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2008.

Leo has an interest in Innovation in engineering solutions, engineering education, and Industrial collaboration with universities. Technical leadership in engineering management and manufacturing operations. He enjoys learning new fields and be exposed to a variety of industrial projects and engineering research.

Dr. Nila Krisnawati Hidayat, SE., MM. – Vice Rector for Non Academic Affairs

Dr. Nila Krisnawati Hidayat, SE., MM. was the previous Dean of Faculty Business and Communication before she was appointed as the Vice Rector For Non Academic Affairs in 2022. She received her Bachelor of Management (SE.,) from University of Indonesia, in 2000 and Master of Marketing Management (MM) from University of Indonesia in 2008. She went on to obtain his Doctoral Degree (Dr. in Management Strategic) from Padjajaran University, Indonesia in 2016.

Having expertise in Business and Communications, Strategic Marketing, and Human Resource Management, Dr. Nila has published 17 International scientific publications. She also has an extensive 28 years of experience working in various industries.

She is actively teaching in the Faculty of Business and Communications.