Internship FAQ

My question is not listed here. How can I get more information?

We suggest you to get answers from our Internship Department and Career Centre. To make an appointment – for a meeting or also phone call conversation – you may call 021-2977 9596 ext. 5500 or 1702.

Will there be advice given to students to decide on internship place?

Yes, each study program will have a counsellor who can give advice regarding this matter.

Will there be expenses during internship semester?

Certain fee will be applied but not the same as the tuition fee in the academic semester. In some departments there will be expenses for appliances such as laboratory coat, safety shoes, etc.

Will there be scoring and grading for internship?

Yes, there will be scoring and grading for internship semester which will also determine whether the students pass the internship or need to repeat it. The internship has also certain credit which will be mentioned in the academic transcript.

Are all students eligible to do an internship abroad?

The opportunity for internship abroad is open to all who meet the requirements. Most of the students can meet all the requirement with good preparation. Internship Department and Career Centre will give information on the requirements.

Will there be information for preparation before students do their internship?

Yes, the respective study program, as well as SGU Internship Department and Career Centre will give necessary briefings and provide information prior to the commencement of the internship.

Will SGU help to find an internship place?

One of the purposes of internship is to develop students to be mature and responsible persons. Therefore, students have the responsibility to look for their own internship place. SGU will assist the students if necessary, especially in giving advices during the preparation phase.

How is the internship arranged at SGU?

SGU has two mandatory internship programs. The first internship normally takes place in the third semester in Indonesia and the second internship normally takes place after fifth semester in Indonesia or abroad.

What are the benefits of an internship?

Internship gives a student opportunity to gain real-work experience early enough before graduation, which later on can be added to the CV. It also gives opportunity to apply knowledge received from lectures and build networking for future career. Often, internship develops a student to become a mature, responsible and independent person – values which are expected from most employers.

What is an internship?

Internship is an activity where usually a student is joining an institution or industry for a certain period to gain real work experience related to the field of study. Internship can be paid or also unpaid.