Faculty of Life Sciences & Technology


To become the leading faculty in the field of life sciences and technology in Indonesia that is recognized internationally


  1. To conduct Tridharma higher education activities (education, research, and community service) with strong interaction between academia and industry in the field of qualified life sciences and technology
  2. To conduct  applied research with biodiversity-based products from Indonesia in the areas of food, health, and energy industries in order to produce qualified and active graduates in the development of life sciences and technology
  3. To implement the outcome of the development of sciences and research in the field of life sciences and technology with the accurate technology for the betterment of society
  4. To establish academic cooperation with other local and abroad institutions
  5. To increase the professionalism of both academic and non-academic staff

Bachelor study programs under the Faculty of Life Sciences & Technology are Pharmaceutical Engineering, Food Technology, Biomedical Engineering, and Sustainable Energy & Environment.


Dr. Hery Sutanto, S.Si., M.Si.

Dean of Faculty of Life Science & Technology

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Lecturers & Staffs

Tabligh Permana, S.Si., M.Si.

Lecturer of Food Technology

Silvya Yusri, S.Si., M.T.

Deputy Head of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Muhammad Fathony, PhD.

Lecturer of Biomedical Engineering


Maria D.P.T. Gunawan, M.Sc, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Food Technology


Kholis Audah, Ph.D.

Head of Academic Research and Community Service & Lecturer of Biomedical Engineering

Biography: Dr. Audah was born and raised in Tangerang, Banten Province, Indonesia. Experience: 2019-present, Director of Research and Community Service (Swiss German University) 2015-2019, Vice Director for Research (Swiss German University) 2015-present, Faculty Member (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Swiss German University) 2009-2012, Assistant Professor and Head of Biochemistry Department and Laboratory (College of Medicine, University

Ir. Paulus Gunawan, MM.

Lecturer of Chemical Engineering

Dr. rer. nat. Filiana Santoso

Lecturer of Food Technology


Febbyandi Isnanda Pandiangan, S.Gz., M.Sc.

Lecturer of Food Technology


Dr. -Ing. Evita H. Legowo

Coordinator of Sustainable Energy and Environment


Dr.-Ing Diah Indriani Widiputri, ST., MSc

Head of Chemical Engineering


Della Rahmawati, S.Si, M.Si, PhD

Deputy Head of Food Technology


Aulia Arif Iskandar, S.T., M.T.

Head of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Ir. Abdullah Muzi Marpaung, MP.

Lecturer of Food Technology