Proceeding CMEI 2019

Adatable Industrial 4.0: An Improvement Detected Obsolete Bushing Condition on Rubber Curing Machine Industry

Agus Purwanto, Edi Sofyan

Analysis of Motor Speed Effect on Winding Tension in the Wind Up Calendering Process

Sugiyarto, Widi Setiawan

Design and Simulation of Engine Operation Temperature Monitor and Control System by Using Internet of Things

Design and Simulation of Water Level Monitoring and Control System in Mini Hydro Power Plant

Design Improvement and Vibration Analysis of Gantry System using Finite Element Method (FEM)

Development of Electronic Cam Motion Control for Synchronous Cutting System

Adi Setiadi, Hanny J. Berchmans

Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Charging System with Temperature Condition System in Excavator

Frendit Wijaya

Design, Simulation and Implementation Monitoring System for System Control C4 Feeding Pump for Feed Vaporization in the Butadiene Plant

Fuel Filter Data Monitoring and Auto Switching at Komatsu Engine with Arduino to Improve Life Cycle Time Main Fuel Filter Usage

Galih Subekti, Dena Hendriana, Edi Sofyan

Investigation Sound Frequency of Tire Failure in Drum Test Machine

Heru Priyono, Widi Setiawan

Pressure Pattern Improvement of Proportional Valve Application on Hot press Machine Using PID

Prototype Design of Speed Detection Mobile Application for Golfers Swing Movement using Computer Vision Compared to Portable Radar and Accelerometer Systems

Stray Pin Capacitance Effects on Signal Reading Coupled by Optocoupler on Microcontroller Boards

Albertus N. Rumawas, Edi Sofyan